Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The checkout line

This morning in Walmart, I noticed an interesting thing while standing in line to checkout. The country is apparently obsessed with the marriage/split-up of "Brad and Jen" (since when did she shorten her name to Jen-is it just a nickname for us, her closest girlfriends, to call her). Their faces adorned the covers of at least half of the magazines on the racks.

I guess my first reaction is this: who thought it was going to work out in the first place? Think about it. Two gorgeous people, fast track movie careers, egos the size of Hollywood(well, I am only guessing on that one), constant stalking by paparazzi-do you get where I am going on this? Seriously, I don't even think it should be on front cover of the magazines. I think that we should have assumed they would break up at some point.

Anyway, this is not worth much more of my attention and obviously I was lacking in ideas to write about today. So, until tomorrow, KEEP SMILING!