Friday, February 11, 2005

Something fun for Friday

Click here to find the "Baby Name Wizard." You type in a person's name and almost immediately a graph appears showing the name's popularity since the year 1900. Names like Clara and Ruth were common in the early part of the century, Jennifer and Lisa were all the rage during the 1970's while Madison and Emily are among the most popular for today.

I was surprised to find that my name, Randi, was ranked number 258 for girls in the 1980's. In my whole life, I have only met one other girl named Randi, and that was last year. People usually tell me that they have a cousin with my name, and it is always a guy! In fact, I have vague, disturbing memories of rollcall on the first day of school, when a teacher, after calling out the name "Randi", would often respond to my upraised hand with, "Oh, I was expecting a boy because of your name." God, I hated school!

Have a wonderful Friday!