Friday, March 11, 2005

Computers on holiday!

For a mere $250.00, our two computers spent a leisurely vacation at a healing spa designed just for them. After a couple of months of error reports, a frenzy of pop-ups and random turn-offs, we just knew it was time to let them spend a few, relaxing days away from home, receiving the expert attention they desperately needed!

Upon entering the spa's office and discussing our computer's needs, the technician laughed at me (out loud) when I mentioned that I would like to keep the cost for both machines under $100.00. What seemed so reasonable to me, was apparently only a small drop in the bucket for the complete healing of our computers.

While our computers were away, I made a startling discovery! I realized that I have been wasting too much time staring at the flickering screen of my laptop, doing nothing worthwhile. The first day our computers were gone, I woke up in the morning and enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee with my hubby and read my bible rather than checking my email. That afternoon I was surprised to find that reading a book felt strange and yet wonderfully relaxing and it hit me why I hadn't had time to read lately! No wonder my thoughts have seemed so stagnant!

I am not going to be an extremist and give up the computer for good, but I do need to curb my time by at least half and replace it with more worthwhile pursuits like reading, playing with my kids and visiting with friends!

While a $250.00 check was a high price for this revelation, I am glad for the awareness I achieved while our computers were on holiday!

Have a great weekend!