Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My t-shirt tells my story!?!

A new line of t-shirts and underwear lets teens advertise their decision to save sex until after marriage. The t-shirt above reads "NOTICE/NO TRESPASSING ON THIS PROPERTY/MY FATHER IS WATCHING. The company, WaitWear, also carries girl's underwear with slogans like "I'M SAVING IT", and "NO VOWS, NO SEX."

I am wondering if a decision to abstain is something that a girl should be advertising. Sex, inside or outside of marriage is a personal decision, not one to be made public for all to see. I am also confused about the underwear because if a boy actually sees them, is a girl really serious about waiting?

Our world is becoming a place where everyone feels the need to display the personal and private for all to see, as if this will somehow lead to tolerance or encourage someone to behave in a like manner. Whatever happened to a little self respect and dignity?