Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

She loves shoes. At three, she has twelve pairs, many of them hand-me-downs from older friends, but she loves them just the same. Often, when she sees someone with great shoes, she compliments them by saying, "You have pwetty shoes!" At Walmart, she loves a quick trip to check out the bright sandals sitting on the shelves for the summer season. Daddy is not so crazy about this habit and he knows where she gets it-from Me!

When I was in my late teens, I lived with my dad and I worked full-time. He charged me no rent so I was the possessor of about $150.00 of "mad money" each week and I spent a good portion of the money on shoes. My shoe collection was ridiculous! Espadrilles, desert boots, sling backs, Doc Martins, and custom-made Vans. Sometimes I bought the same shoe in various colors. I even had shoes that I only wore one time.

Today, I still loves shoes, but I have downgraded my passion into a repressed addiction. I wander the shoe section when I am shopping but now the shoes stay on the shelf, even though they seem to be begging me to take them home. In my closet I have grand total of eleven pairs of shoes but only five get any wear. The rest are a bit out of style but I just can't part with them yet. If I had it my way, I would buy a pair of shoes every time I ventured out shopping but, of course, that would be a waste. After all, when the kids are hungry, a nice pair of chocolate brown Converse sneakers won't curb their hunger!

Maybe someday when my kids are grown and gone I will get a job in a bookstore and buy shoes and books with my paycheck. I will have a closet full of great footwear again and I will love it! But by the time that happens, orthopedic shoes will be more my style. Hmm, does anyone know if those come in different colors?