Friday, May 13, 2005

Junk food Friday!

I love junk food. It is a weakness of mine. I don't eat it on a daily basis because it sticks to my body like glue. I might as well glue Cheetos and Oreos to my waist, rear-end and thighs, because that is the effect they have on me-seriously!!! During the week, I am a real stickler to the "no junk food rule", but on the weekend I lighten up a little bit and enjoy. Here are some of my faves:

Raspberry Zingers are heavenly! All that berry sweetness with cream filling-too yummy! I ate these every day in high school; maybe the lack of brain food in my diet explains my poor grades???

Dreyer's Sorbet is my favorite "ice cream" in spite of the fact that it is fat-free. I discovered this after having baby #4 when a friend brought it over as a treat and I was hooked! It still qualifies as junk food because it is loaded with sugar!

Doritos can't be beat-love 'em! Just don't eat them right before engaging in conversation with someone unless they are eating Doritos also, as they don't make for fresh breath!

A&W Rootbeer is a must to chase down those scrumptious Doritos-a match made in heaven-REALLY!

What is the point of this post? Nothing! But I think I am craving some junk food!!! What are your favorites, girls? Let me know, as I am dying to try some new things! Ha Ha Ha!

Have a great weekend!