Monday, May 02, 2005

Soccer, soccer, soccer!!!

Micah, 10, and Josiah, 8, wearing their Colorado Rapids jerseys!

This weekend we went to a soccer game. Wait a minute, let me expound on that a little bit! This weekend my family along with a group of friends, drove through a blizzard for two hours to see a pro-soccer game, because, after all, it was "free jersey night!" We managed to be among the first lucky 5,ooo fans to receive the free jerseys, but I think that was largely due to the weather, because who in their right mind goes to a soccer game in a snow storm?

I turned out to be very fun and a bit wet and it was much different than I imagined as I was expecting the game to be "scrappier". The game consisted of a lot of passes and an occasional football-tackle-type moment, but on the whole it was a very controlled game. The players also had an odd gracefulness in their kicks that caught me off guard! I was expecting a hockey game on the grass!

Soccer season for my children is almost over. While we love watching the games and the kids are learning a lot, it does consume a lot of free time. We have three children on teams right now, one of which my husband is coaching. This weekend I am traveling six hours with my daughter, Emily, to a soccer match where she will be the team captain for the first time! This will be fun but I am glad that only one more week remains of the season! Of course, once the soccer season ends, my oldest daughter starts her swim season. But the number one difference is that she drives to her own practices! We happily attend her swim meets on the weekends, but it doesn't consume our life in the way that soccer does.

So, for the next couple of weeks soccer remains at the center of our life, but after that we can enjoy the warmer weather by hiking, camping and just hanging out together. That is, of course, until fall when the next soccer season starts!