Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A few things...

I love living in a place such as we do. We have deer, wild turkey and even an occasional bear that visits our neighborhood. Well, yesterday, the gang of deer that roams our streets decided to snack on my rose bush. I have been waiting, just waiting for the little buds to open; there were TONS of them on the bush, now they are all gone. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but there were about 30-40 buds waiting to open just like the ones on the back of the bush. I guess the deer didn't want to stretch their necks for those!!!

Just when you thought Sesame Street had gone far enough by putting Cookie Monster on a diet, these startling new developments came to light, CLICK HERE!
And this:
I am providing an update on my Couch to 5K Running Plan progress, not necessarily because I think it is interesting information, but because I need some accountability. Each day I am able to go a little farther without getting so winded, but I am also talking myself into coming back home early before I finish my run. I feel like I have a "good-self" and a "bad-self" sitting on my shoulders as I run!

Good-self: "Randi, you're doing great, go a little farther than you did yesterday!"

Bad-self: "Aw, just go home, this is boring."

Good-self: "No, this is something you really want to do and once you run that 10K in September, you will feel very accomplished AND your legs will look great!"

Bad-self: "Oh brother, all you're doing is sweating and getting shin-splints, you're wasting your time!"

OK ladies, please tell me that this goes on in your head too, otherwise I will feel really bad and kinda' crazy!

This morning I did finish my run and the next time I need to add one more time around the block. I will continue to post an occasional update, so if you notice it's been a while, feel free to leave a comment saying, "Hey Randi, did you flake out on that running program you started?" And then maybe I will get up off the couch (again) and head outside!
And this:
My friend, Linda, has started a blog. Click over and say "hello"!