Monday, August 08, 2005

I found this article through Barefoot Meanderings. The writer discusses the writers and journalers of Early America and compares them with the bloggers of today.

"writing a journal does me good. I can let off my indignation at the wrongs I see and hear. I am far happier when I write a little every day. I take more note too, of passing events, and see more of what is going on around me. I live less in the past and future, and more in the present, when I journalize . . . It saves me from many dark hours to write down what I see and hear and feel daily. My soul would turn in upon and consume itself, if I did not thus let it out into my journal."
Hmm... interesting. I can identify with those words! Check out the article if you have the time, it is a worthwhile read!

My daughter, Emily, is modeling her first knitted creation: a scarf. Lovely, if you ask me! She taught herself by consulting and by checking out a couple of books at the library. Her next project is a sweater and she plans on making socks for Christmas gifts; I have already suggested possible colors for my pair!

In an effort to add to my already-long list of skills such as: bow-hunting skills, nunchuck skills and computer-hacking skills, I asked her to teach me how to knit, because as you know, bloggers only want friends with great skills! So here I am knitting my first row:

So far I feel very awkward doing this but she assures me that matters will improve soon! I hope to be as good as her someday because she has developed the ability to read a book while she is knitting, and due to that, I KNOW that knitting is the craft for me!