Thursday, September 29, 2005

An interesting article HERE about the culture war ensuing in the case of David Parker who is "disputing the 'right' of a local public school to introduce his then-5-year-old son to the issue of homosexuality." The conflict seems to be boiling down to name calling and character assassination while the real point-parental rights-is being downplayed.

Mr. Parker "espouses tolerance: the right of others to make peaceful choices. But he rejects "diversity" defined by the demand that he validate a particular choice through approval or acceptance." His views are being viewed by some people as "nothing more than an expression of hatred toward gays."

The article points out the disturbing trend involving the inability to discuss hot topics in a public forum without the dialogue being reduced to ad hominem attacks.

-I think that articles like this can be good logic/critical thinking lessons for your students.