Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This morning I walked into my boy's bathroom and it dawned on me that in spite of the fact that they both showered last night, there were no towels to be found in the bathroom. This, of course, led me to wonder if they really showered last night and, if so, how they dried themselves off.

Upon locating my boys, I asked, "How did you dry off last night after your shower?"

Micah was the first one to get a wide-eyed smirk on his face and respond with, "I used toilet paper!"

"Are you serious?", I yelled! "What did YOU use?", I asked Josiah.

"Well, I didn't use toilet paper!", he answered sheepishly.

"What DID you use?", I asked again.

"The bathroom floor rug," and before I could reply, he said, "What? It worked fine!"

"BOYS!", was the best reply I could come up with before I turned and walked away!

You know, mothering boys is interesting, to say the least. Any girl would have yelled from the bathroom, "Could someone PLEEAAZE get me a towel?" until someone responded or until she air-dried, whichever came first.

Boys? No need to ask for help because that resourcefulness gene usually kicks in when conditions warrant it! Toilet paper in lieu of a bath towel? Sure, why not? It works, doesn't it?

Yeah, I suppose that it does! Maybe I should try it sometime!