Thursday, October 27, 2005

For the last week our internet company has been having major problems due to a lightning strike so my "blogging" time has been minimal. In one way this has been a blessing since I wanted to cut down on my computer time because other things, like a hubby and five kids, are competing for my time. The computer has an addictive quality for me, possibly because so much of it is mindless entertainment, and my 20 minutes on the computer can easily turn into 2 hours. So I am going to give myself a time limit each day and when time is up-IT'S UP! I figure it works fine for my kids so it will work for me too!

I do want to say what a blessing this whole "blogging" thing has been for me. Being a homeschooling mom with 5 kids, my social time is fairly limited. I do spend time with friends regularly but I would love to be able to fellowship with women more often. Blogging allows me to "visit" with a friend at 10:00 at night or at 6:00 in the morning, depending on where my time is free. I have been encouraged, educated and inspired by my blogging friends and even though I don't know your faces, I do consider many of you to be my friends. It would be wonderful to meet you face to face someday! Tanya says blogging has a "quilting bee atmosphere" and I completely agree. Women with similar interests (and some not-so-similar) getting together to encourage, uplift and laugh with each other; this is a good thing!

Thank you, ladies!