Friday, December 16, 2005

Lots of Friday stuff!

Why can't I look this cute when I am crabby???

My hubby is the photographer who chased Aubry around the house trying to capture her mood! Maybe if I wear the hat and the backpack the next time one of "those" moods strike everyone will think I am super-cute and adorable too! Hmm...maybe not!!!
If you are looking for some last-minute Christmas activities, try these:

Dave's Snowflake Page-Patterns to make awesome snowflakes; much better than our usual circles with a few triangles chopped out of them! (Thanks to Leslie for the link!)

(4:53 AM) has some VERY cute felt stars that would be great for last minute gifts or decorations! Plus, she has tons of crafty stuff to look at.

Dress-up Zoe-An adorable doll to dress up! Fun for your little girls!
A couple of my friends are blogging so I thought I would give you their links:

Pam has had a blog for quite some time but has just recently started posting on a regular basis. She definitely has the gift of encouragement and I am blessed to be her friend!

Char has also been blogging for a while and is hoping that her switch to Blogger makes it a bit easier to post! She loves people and has a serious gift for hospitality!

Stop by and say "Hi" to them if you can!
I made these jars of Cranberry Cream Cookie Mix for friends. I thought they came out kinda cute:

Have a great weekend!