Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It is that time of the year again. Time for the sun to shine, low and bright into my kitchen, doing the unsolicited favor of revealing to me that spring cleaning is just around the corner. The cabinets and the appliances that seemed to sparkle a few weeks ago, appear these days to be grimy. Dust bunnies, smudges and fingerprints are all calling my name.

Looking at the circumstances, I see that I have a couple of choices. The first option is to spring-clean in the winter. An obvious choice, but not one that appeals to me. A neat-nick, I am, a deep-cleaner, I am not. A weekend full of cleaners, buckets and sponges is one that I choose to set aside for a later date. In other words, I choose to procrastinate.

My second choice is simple. Shut the curtains. A little less light, a little less warmth, yes. But I get the peace of mind gained from imagining that my house is actually sparkling clean and that spring-cleaning is still a distant day away.