Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Eight years ago we found him at the Humane Society in his cage-cubicle, wagging his tail and looking around expectantly for the family that would take him home. We were that family.

Upon meeting Chuck, most people were afraid of him because of his burly size, which I have always found funny because Chuck was more of a "greeter" than a watchdog. I have always been able to imagine him inviting robbers into our house, pouring them steaming mugs of coffee and showing them where all the valuables were, all for a little petting behind the ears.

Chuck was a typical dog, stealing pot roasts from the kitchen counter, snacking out of the cat's litter box and snatching cookies from the hands of small children, but you really couldn't help but love this dog. He was truly one of a kind. We had to say good-bye to him last Friday.

We love you, Chuck. We miss you...