Friday, February 03, 2006

A few funny Friday things...

Can you guess Aubry's favorite color? Anyone, anyone? I know, this is a hard one!

Here are a few silly things I heard this week:

--We were at Walmart waiting for the clerk at the fabric-cutting table when Aubry peeked over the counter and spied the bell and said, "Can I ring the dingy-thingy?"

--Danika and I were discussing her living in a dorm at college when she said, "It just seems so weird to live and go to school in the same place." I gently reminded her that since she has been homeschooled all of her life it wouldn't be that weird at all!

--Aubry told her daddy that he wouldn't look like a daddy if he shaved off his beard. When daddy asked who he would look like she very seriously replied, "A brother!"

Just a note for anyone who lives here in town: Be sure to stay off the sidewalks because Emily has her driver's permit now!!! ;)

Have a happy Friday!