Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Honey!!!

10 things I like about you:

1. You are really cute!
2. You make me laugh!
3. You work REALLY hard everyday to finance this family adventure of ours!
4. You like to spend loads of time with me!
5. You are a super-duper daddy!
6. You are always willing to go to the Joanne's with me and help me pick out fabric!
7. You are a man who loves God and pursues a relationship with Him! (I should have put that one as #1!)
8. Did I mention that you are really cute
9. You are smart and interesting to talk to!
10.You are mine!

I love you, Honey!
Yesterday it was 65 degrees outside and today I find that it is 26 degrees and snowing. How's that for variety?
Today is my big, once-a-month shopping day and it is going to be extra big because my refrigerator conked out this week and I had to throw everything in the trash, so not only do I have to get the monthly essentials, I have to re-buy all my basic stuff like soy sauce, jam and ketchup. Why do I see dollar signs in my head???

The man who came to fix my refrigerator this afternoon was a very nice gentleman named Frank who's business is creatively named Frank's Appliance Repair. Well, Frank's business motto, which is prominently displayed on the side of his work truck is, "I WILL ALWAYS BE FRANK WITH YOU!" Frankly, that just cracks me up!

(OK, I have to admit that my hubby's ceramic tile business has our last name in the title--so I am not being too rude here, just having a bit o' fun!)
This is birthday party weekend for our family, three parties in three days. Of course, one of those is my hubby's and even though I am not a "party-person" his is going to be fun!

Have a happy Friday, ladies!