Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Click here to create your own Word Cloud. I love that the words on it really reflect the things that I love about life: God, family, togetherness, reading, writing, and fabric (bread too!). (Thanks to Mommy Brain for the tip!)

I don't have much to report today so I thought I would just ramble and provide a couple of links.

Amazing but true fact: My kids and I saw Ronald McDonald driving around our town yesterday. He was the real-deal, not some poser-type Ronald, because he was in an actual McDonald's van. I am curious about where he was going--maybe to Carl's Jr. for a hamburger? Or maybe to tanning salon to get some natural sun-kissed color on the white face of his?

Here are some links for you:

Whip Up is a new craft blog that will feature tutorials, crafts, materials and resources. It is a collabortive effort by a group of amazingly crafty ladies. If you have any interest in crafty-things--check it out! This is the group's start-up day and already there are some lovely things to look at!

The Fresh Loaf is a break-making website that offers great recipes as well as instructions on making breads of all kinds. Just looking at the pictures is enough to make you feel hungry!

My daughter, The Polka-Dotted-Pickle, is writing a series of posts this week about courtship. She told me they are not going to be essays, but rather, her thoughts on the subject and what she feels that God is leading her to do with her life in the area of dating.

Also: I have updated my craft blog links for February--see the sidebar!

Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!