Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Until next time

Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to participate in yesterday's "Let's Get Real Monday"! The high school years turned out to be a fun (funny!) topic. There are a few things that I noticed numerous times: big hair, huge glasses, and the thought that most of us are glad that our high school days are long gone. Although those years seemed so important when we were living them, I think that most of us can say that the best years are yet to come. Yes, growing a little older and more mature is a great thing!

I will post the next challenge on Friday, April 21, and I hope that you all play along again!
My daughter, Emily, made this little sock monkey the other day and I think he is adorable! She named him Franklin. So far I have not been able to convince her to give him to me but I intend to persevere...

The tutorial she used is here