Sunday, May 28, 2006

Let's Get Real Monday (or Tuesday!)--posted on Sunday?

This month's theme has been a good one for me because it has caused me to throw a whole bunch of junk-clothes in the trash. My problem is not necessarily growing out of my clothes and then hoping I can get back into them someday, my problem is clothes that are on sale. Just slap a $5.00 price tag on a pair of pants that aren't my style or my size and I will buy them--and stick them in my closet for the next few years.

Let's start with the crazy-print capris on the back of the chair. First of all, they don't fit. Second of all, they are printed and I don't wear printed pants as a rule. Third of all, they are made of stretch denim and women who had borne 5 kids should NOT, under any circumstances, wear stretch denim! If we move on to the shirts, the neon shirts with the beads around the neck, I can tell you that these are not my style nor will they ever be. Why did I buy them? Clearance rack, $3.00. Pink tank-top? I don't wear pink. Blue, light blue and black exercise shorts--too small to wear before exhaustive exercise program begins.

Here is the official trash pile of the clothes hiding in my closet:

Ok, what about you? What is hiding in your closet? If you are playing along, please leave your link below.