Monday, June 12, 2006

Camping and fishing...

My husband, the great outdoorsman, loves to camp and fish. I, however, don't have the same natural inclinations, I am more of a "hotel" girl. The solution to this clash of personality has been RV camping: a shower, a toilet, electrical outlets, and a solid roof over my head make camping the things for me. Well, almost.

When you buy and RV, the salesman likes to say things like, "This coach will sleep 8 comfortably", when what he really means is,"If you don't mind squeezing 8 people into a room the size of a bathroom and calling it comfortable, this coach is the one for you!" Our family of 7 only fits comfortably if we kick the boys outside into a tent, which leaves me insisting upon keeping a window in the RV open so that I can hear if a bear comes to gobble them up! (It could happen, you know!) Now, if you leave the window open, the wind in the middle of the night will seem extra loud and because you are camping in the mountains, the temperature will drop dramatically in the RV as morning approaches. Add to that the broken toilet, the water faucets that won't produce water and a refrigerator that won't stay cold, and you end up, somehow, with a pretty nice weekend.

The weather was perfect, the wildflowers were blooming, the butterflies were everywhere and the kids had smiles on their faces. I even bought my first fishing license and spent some time fishing with my hubby.

We came home a day early, mostly because of the broken refrigerator and toilet. The refrigerator I could have dealt with, but you can forget it if you think that I would go behind a tree to go "potty" and use leaves for toilet paper. There are just certain luxuries that I insist upon!

When we arrived home, my hubby and I did a crazy thing: we went online and made more camping reservations. I guess it is because we had so much fun!

Happy camping!