Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Recently I picked up this gem of a magazine at the thrift store for $.10. Initially I bought it because I liked the snazzy outfit that the lady on the cover is wearing--cool striped pants and a huge crocheted vest. It is too much!

Glancing through this magazine from the 1970's, I have discovered that it is a blog in magazine form--a blogazine! It is written almost entirely by housewives who desire to share ideas, family stories, spiritual advice and homemaking hints. A mommy-blog in print! One woman writes this about herself:

"The old saying, "She's just a housewife" is kind of what I am. Age 39, mother to 7 children ranging in age from 1-1/2 to 18, I am busy, yes, but never too busy to sew, read, or go places with the kids."
Hmmm... she sounds awfully similar to me with a couple of extra kiddos!

Other items in the blogazine are short stories, tips on throwing a baby shower on a budget, a short Bible study, gardening stories, craft patterns and recipes, like this one for Ginger Sandwiches:
"Cut preserved ginger in very thin slivers and lay between slices of brown bread which has been thickly spread with whipped cream."
The recipe suggests that those on diets should avoid eating these sandwiches. I think I would avoid it under any circumstances!

There are only a few advertisements in the blogazine, but this one is my favorite by far:
I think that a product that melts away fat in the bathtub would make the blogosphere complete!

I think that women, housewives in particular, have a unique need to connect with other women. We need encouragement, advice, and a few laughs in order to keep us going at this job of ours. Blogging has proven to be a wonderful way to share a little bit of my life, my writing, my crafty-stuff and my walk with the Lord, and the best thing is that I can blog at 11:00 at night when everyone is asleep and there are no interruptions. "Meeting" other stay-at-home moms here in the blogosphere has been a huge blessing to me and I enjoy the consistent encouragement that I recieve from all of you! I guess I just wanted to take some time to say "thanks" to all the wonderful people who take some time to stop by and "visit" me everyday--you are a blessing to me!

Thanks, ladies!