Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Kid Cuteness

Aubry has been a craft-making machine lately and the teddy bear she is holding is her most recent creation. She made it all by herself by cutting out shapes, stapling them together and then stuffing the bear with toilet paper. She told me that she used a total of 156 staples and, quite frankly, I believe it! The teddy bear, which she named "Scary Winnie the Pooh" (?!?), now rests comfortably on her bed with the rest of her stuffed animals.

Aubry has a knack for picking out odd names for her babies, such as the stuffed bunny that she calls "Food". Maybe she got this from her sister, Emily, who had teddy bears named "Whitey" and "Purple Sugar" when she was the same age. We got a "talkin' to" from someone over those names but I just felt that Emily picked the names out innocently so I didn't want to make her change them! I am a rebel about things like that!

Have a great Friday!