Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Cool Friday Moves

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am never accused of being "athletic". I am the girl who screams in the field when the ball comes her way and laments the broken fingernails chipped off during a basketball game. Being picked for teams is agony because I am always picked last unless one of my family members is the captain and, in that case, I merely glare menacingly and whisper threats at them until they pick me for their team. So this next announcement of mine may come as a surprise: I am now a student of Karate.

My hubby and I and our boys have been taking Karate for a few weeks now and we love it. I am finally past the aches and pains of the stretching in the class and I even have one of the "katas" almost completely memorized. Of course, all the small children in the class had the kata memorized after the first week but when you are my age, these things come slowly. My "kia" (the loud "Hhhhaaaa" sound you make when performing certain moves) needs some work to move past the "little kitten" sound I am making at this point. Honestly, my hubby thinks it is cute but I don't think that many martial arts experts are satisfied by being though of as cute when they are busting a move, so during the day I am trying for a loud kia when I am lifting heavy loads of laundry or carrying groceries in from the car. I can't help but think that this will bring some rapid improvement.

Just for kicks, here is a picture of me in my "gi":

Please note my impressive form and the look of strength in my move. You really can not help being impressed, at least that is what I am thinking! Our first test to advance in rank, which is signified by the really cute and colorful belts worn at the waist, will be in January so I have about 3 months to learn my moves.

In case you have ever wondered what Karate shoes look like, here is a picture:

Have a great Friday!
On Monday, October 2, I will be posting my "October Beauty" pictures. These will be pictures taken within walking distance of my home of anything (or anybody) that I think is beautiful. Please post along with me if you would like to! The more the merrier, I always say!