Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Birthday Blessings

***Thanks a bunch for all the birthday wishes! They made my day extra-special. You are all a sweet blessing to me!

My dear hubby blessed me with a new camera for my birthday--a Canon EOS Rebel to be exact! I don't think that I need to mention that I am very excited about this! This is an amazing camera with so many functions that I have no idea how to use, and this means that I will be spending lots of time reading my camera manual and visiting these sites so I can figure out how to use it properly! Owning this camera officially bumps me up from the irritating-camera-mom category to the she-must-be-stopped-camera-mom category! Yippee!

This past weekend I managed to get each and every one of my pictures--7,200 of them--off of my computer and onto CD's. For the past year I have worried about my computer going out on me and losing all of my pictures taken over the last couple of years, so this is a huge relief for me! After this I want to back up my pictures at the end of every month so that way it doesn't take me two full days to get it done. A side benefit of removing my pictures is that my computer has picked up a little bit of speed. I guess they were bogging it down!

According to my schedule today, I will be finishing up the laundry and going grocery shopping, but I will also be taking a few pictures. The hills behind our house got a light snow dusting last night so this will be a good place to start!

Have a great Tuesday!