Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Christmas Spirit

My Christmas spirit is coming on slow this year. Neat piles of gifts made, lists of things to do, are nowhere to be found. This is unusual for a gift-giver like me.

Maybe this is because I find myself stepping away from wanting and needing more things, and Christmas is synonymous with wanting and needing. Shoppers crammed into stores, stress brimming over, and credit cards maxing out, all distract from the joy found at Christmas time.

This year I am thinking less about spending money on the perfect gift and more about the people in my life and how I might convey to them my love. A note, a favor, or a special handmade gift may cost me little money, but mean a lot to the recipient. This year I am thinking of people rather than things, giving my time rather than my money, and touching a heart rather than pulling out a credit card.
So far I have started a quilt for my mom. I found a pre-made quilt top on clearance at the store so it will only cost me about $10.00 total, but I know she will love it!
Ready to be cut out are these fabrics to make notebook covers:
I have made a few of these already and they make fun gifts for people who like to write or take notes.

How are your Christmas plans coming along?