Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My girl has been bitten... the Christmas bug!

Aubry has been in full-Christmas mode these last few days, making crafts and presents and crafts and snowflakes and crafts. Every afternoon she surrounds herself with paper, scissors, glue, and other assorted goodies and lets her creativity soar, all while making huge messes in the living room.

This year we are doing Kindergarten work for school and her new-found knowledge is making its way into her crafts:
You can probably tell that we learn reading through phonics, but that we haven't focused enough on vowels. She has also written out her Christmas wish list and it includes such things as "CNDE", "CNDRLA" and "PLPGT", otherwise known as candy, Cinderella, and Polly Pocket. Honestly, she could probably persuade me to get her anything her little heart desires just by giving me these lists, simply because they are so cute!

Yesterday she managed to manufacture all of her own Christmas presents and wrap them up, all without giving away the secret of what she made:
Curiosity is getting to me, but I will wait until Christmas morning to open mine!

If you are looking for something crafty to do, here are some links for you:

Anna Maria has a tutorial to make an adorable felt garland for the Christmas tree. Take some time to look through her blog too--great ideas and loveliness abound!

Echoes of a Dream has a tutorial for making wool angels. If you look around her blog you will find lots of great ideas and how-to's like these cloth journals.

Heather has made a yo-yo garland, and she has been gracious enough to provide a yo-yo tutorial to help you make one too!

Martha Stewart has a how-to for a ric-rac stocking! Have I ever expressed my deep, abiding love for ric-rac? I put it on everything. My daughter makes fun of me when she sees me getting it out! I can't stop! ***Thanks to Kirsten for this link!