Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It 's My Bloggin' Birthday!

Two years ago I started this blog o' mine as a way to test the waters. A very difficult situation involving the church we attended left me reeling and feeling untrusting of Christians, but I knew that, as a Christian, I needed to step back into fellowship. The first tentative steps became less strained after time as I found healing and acceptance among a group of Christian women, both diverse and interesting, all engaging in a sweet conversation simply by sharing a small part of the themselves in the blogosphere. All of this has poured into my "real life" as well, leaving me more open and willing to engage in friendship, and I am learning daily to do this without fear.

Over the last two years of blogging, I have made friends, found inspiration, been challenged and even got back into crafting again after quitting five years ago. This testing of the waters has been a blessing, for sure, and it is to you, my lovely readers and friends, that I extend my thanks. You have blessed me in ways you will never know.

Thank you so much!

Here's to another year!