Sunday, February 04, 2007

My baby

My baby moved out today. Her childhood, packed neatly in boxes, stacked in the back of her car while she waited to drive away towards her very own life.

As it should be, of course.

I wonder if she felt like I did, eighteen years ago. Wearing gray sweats, standing next to my husband who was carrying my little blue suitcase. It was time. Turning around before stepping out the door, taking one last look into the house, but really taking one last look at the life I was leaving behind. Just the two of us. Unsure of what changes were coming and knowing that things would never be the same. Bittersweet, fear and excitement, all rolled into one unrecognizable emotion, but I knew deep inside that magical things were just around the corner.

Yes, I know how she was feeling today.

Years. Roller-blades. American Girl dolls. Diapers. Graduation. Pound Puppies. Skinned knees. Riding Lessons. Potty training. Soccer games. The Donut Man. Driving lessons. Biology. Birthday parties. Books. Books. Books. The talk. Snowboarding. Bill Nye the Science Guy. Years.

All of those years rolled up into perfect memories, stashed deep into my pocket, always ready to be remembered.

Who knew the time would slip away so quickly?

Eighteen years...just a whisper of time.