Monday, March 27, 2006

Let's Get Real Monday

Hello! It is "Let's Get Real Monday" here on my blog and this month's theme is "high school", so you may want to check my comments for other participants if you want a few laughs today! Personally I have to go all the say back to...1984! Honestly, I could only find two high school pictures of myself and I can't believe how embarrassing they are! The first one was taken right smack in the middle of my "Bananarama-phase". At that time in my life I was a girl of many phases: mod-phase, punk-phase, ska-phase, etc., and I had a tendency to morph to whatever my friends were doing. In other words, I was a follower. A couple of phases I should have tried were "good student-phase" or "obedient-daughter" phase but those just seemed boring to me at the time. Unfortunately, my biggest education as a teenager came from the school of hard knocks!

Favorite bands during this turbulent time of my life: The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Clash, The Jam, The Specials, U2, Bananarama, and a myriad of others!

Here is a graduation picture. If there were word bubbles above my parents heads they would read something like, "Thank God she graduated! Maybe now she will think about getting a job and moving out!"

Here is a picture of my dear hubby as a senior. Cute, isn't he?:

I feel the need to post a more current picture of us. It makes we want to break out and start singing something along the lines of "Looks Like We Made It!" I guess it just proves that God is good and faithful and He is able to take two major ding-dongs and lead them in making a wonderful life together:

If you participated in "Let's Get Real Monday" please leave a comment so that I and the others who participated can visit you!

Thank, Ladies, this has been fun and I promise I will pick an easier topic next time--one that doesn't entail rummaging through years of dusty photographs! ;)