Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A New Library Tote

***First and foremost: My dear, real-life friend and fellow-blogger, Pam, is having a birthday today! Please click over and wish her a happy day!
The second time around I followed the directions and guess what? My tote bag came out just fine. Imagine that! Adding a couple of inches to the length of the bag made it so I can use it to carry my books when I go to the library. I made it from a piece of wool that I bought at the thrift store and then I appliqued wool-felt flowers on the front with embroidered stems. Here is a close-up of the flowers:
This bag was very easy to make and you might consider trying it if you have a little bit of sewing experience! Many thanks to Tiny Happy for the great tutorial!

Kirsten, a wonderfully crafty homeschooling mom, sent me these adorable gift tags. They are so cute and tiny! Thanks, Kirsten! Check out her blog here.