Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can I Deposit This Computer In The Trash Receptacle?

OK, here's the scoop: I have spent approximately 4 hours putting together a tutorial and trying repeatedly to post it. Blogger (or Picasa) is not doing it's thing for me today, so it is time to step away from the computer or risk a stress injury. Seriously!

One bright spot in my blogging day has been to discover that someone nominated me for a few blogs awards. Many thanks to whomever was my nominator. This brings a smile to my heart. The categories I am nominated for are "Blogger You Would Most Like To Meet", "Woman Power--Best Representative of Women", and "Best Commenter". Very sweet, for sure!

One cool thing about this post? I actually figured out how to link a picture! Ha! You really can click on the picture to get to Heather's site and vote for the blog awards. Maybe I won't throw my computer in the trash after all!