Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Back home

Five kids. One income. A dog and a cat. That's my life in one sentence and, believe me, I wouldn't change a thing.

A weekend getaway to Denver for my husband and I got me thinking. I love the culture available in the city. The ethnic food, eclectic bookstores, museums, old churches, new marble skyscrapers. Even the suburban areas surrounding the city have their own appeal for some. Brand new, 5,000 square foot houses, warehouse-size stores of every kind, Office Max, Circuit City and Barnes and Noble (OK, I'll admit to loving the book warehouse!), and glass-enclosed office complexes with parking lots full of brand-new cars. All of it a tribute to our consumer culture.

Driving back home into our little Colorado town with our Wal-mart, our over-abundance of pizza restaurants and video stores and our tiny library, I am glad to be home. Although I have to travel at least one hour in order to shop for anything significant or see an exhibit at an art museum, this is the place where my husband and I can live on one income and homeschool our five children and live our life quietly enough to have time for each other and the things we love to do. I am sure that city dwellers and suburbanites love their place on earth too, but for me, our little town is where I call home.