Monday, January 03, 2005

Parental rights

A short article at reports that teenagers in California now have the right to leave school to seek "confidential medical treatment" (such as an abortion or an HIV test) without permission from their parents. Parents should be alarmed by this continued effort to diminish parental rights under the guise of protecting children.

Until my children reach the age of 18, my husband and I are responsible for them. We need to provide food, clothing, shelter and, most importantly, support and direction for their lives. If they are sick it is our job to seek treatment for them and if they get into trouble it is our responsibility to deal with their behavior. To give my 16 year old daughter the right to leave school and seek an abortion (a good reason to continue homeschooling!) because she thinks it is best is absolutely ridiculous. As her parent I want to walk beside her and help her through life whether or not it is easy. As a child she still needs my guidance, direction and support, even if she thinks she knows better. I am responsible for my children until they turn 18 and I have the right to know what they are doing. The only time a school or any government agency should overstep parental authority is if a parent is obviously not doing their job, which, in my opinion, is rare.