Friday, February 04, 2005

For the kids

An article at reports that a school in Los Angeles, California has successfully boosted student performance by implementing a merit-based pay scale for teachers. Merit-based pay gives a higher wage to employees who are performing at a higher level in their positions. In addition to a noted increase in student performance, Vaughn Next Century Charter School claims to be spending one-third less money per student than they were prior to using the merit-based pay system. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is backing a bill that would "allow school districts the power to craft their own plans and standards."

"Schwarzenegger's supporters say protecting the status quo when so many kids are failing to learn basic skills is reason enough to try something new."

With the dismal state of our nation's public schools, I think something definitely needs to change. This plan, which has proven itself effective in raising the children's performance, also costs less money per student AND gives more money to the teachers (who, in my opinion, don't get paid enough!!!). I am interested in seeing what this plan might accomplish in the future. Any change in the direction of improving our schools is well worth it.