Thursday, February 17, 2005

A taxing problem

My husband called me this morning to share this information he had heard on talk radio (the Glenn Beck show), and while I have no concrete facts to share, my hubby is a reliable source, so, please, just trust me on this.

In California, due to more hybrid-cars on the road, gasoline tax revenues have decreased, creating budget shortfalls for road construction. So guess what? The state government has thought of a tricky, new way to make up those revenues! (Gee, are you as surprised as I am?) Along with charging the customary gasoline tax, they are considering charging a mileage tax. Yes, the state has proposed charging hybrid-car owners a tax per-mile driven, in order to regain the losses brought on by these environmentally-friendly cars. In fact, car owners who drive at peak drive times, such as rush hour, may be charged more, meaning that people driving to work may be charged a higher tax.

First thoughts: with federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, tobacco taxes, gasoline taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes, death taxes, business taxes, severance taxes, payroll taxes, licensing taxes, gift taxes and inheritance taxes, don't you think that adding a mileage tax is a bit much since we are already taxed to death? It also occurs to me that people who are buying more expensive cars to save resources and the environment should not be penalized financially.

It is estimated that the government takes 30-50% of our incomes through the miscellaneous taxes we are required to pay. What this means for my family is this: my hard-working hubby goes to work 5 days a week and works ultra-hard installing ceramic tile in new homes, and for every $1,000.00 he earns, we write a $300.00-$500.00 check to the government. Seeing these numbers on the page makes me angry and only confirms my opinion that this is wrong!

Our government is a behemoth organization that needs to be brought under control. To be honest, I have no clue how to bring about change except through voting and discussing the issues. My hope is that someday, people will wake up and take back the government that is supposed to be "by and for" the people. But, unfortunately, when life is comfortable, people tend to turn a deaf ear to important issues.

The money my hubby breaks his back to earn should be ours to spend or save, not the government's. America will be a better place when our leaders recognize the fact that the citizens of this country are capable of managing their own money and lives!