Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A girl of many names

When my children are small, I am not sure if they know their given names. This is due to my tendency to call the mini-members of our family by nicknames. Not just one special pet-name, but numerous names that change and morph with use, leaving me unable to remember how we came up with most of them.

From the day she arrived in our home three years ago, my mind began to think of special little names for Aubry. Names related to her look, her character and her special place in my heart. On day one, we noticed her amazing ability to create "sound effects" and, believe it or not, our 6 1/2 pound bundle of joy became known as "Stinky Pete". Unfortunately, that name stuck like glue for a while until we replaced it with the more acceptable "Tootie", which is still her #1 nickname today.

While I have done this to all my kids, as they grow up they become "Honey". But the trouble is, my husband is "Honey", too, so sometimes we get a little confused around here. In fact, if I yell out the name, "Honey", I am often greeted with a chorus of, "Which Honey?".

I have compiled a small (yeah, right) list of the nicknames that Aubry goes by right now. During the course of a week, she usually hears each of these names several times:

Tootie Bun-Buns
Mrs. Mookleeky
Moo-kinicky Poo-kinicky
Lil' Chiquita
Little One
Little Lu

OK, OK, so I know it is ridiculous, but I just can't stop!

Well, I think my Honeyman is calling my name and the Lovebugs are looking for me, so I must sign off. Until next time, have a happy day!