Thursday, April 21, 2005

An online homeschool convention and an update!

SpunkyHomeSchool is hosting their first Online Homeschool Convention. They are featuring articles written by homeschoolers so I am sure you will find an eclectic mix of ideas, information and encouragement. Whether you are a veteran homeschooler, a new homeschooler or just plain curious, I suggest you take a peek and see what is available. I am looking forward to getting some new ideas, including ideas for this summer, as we like to do some hands-on science and history during these months!

I posted a short essay called "Why Homeschooling?", and Press On and Mental Multivitamin contributed also. I hope you find something that benefits your homeschool!

An update:
On Tuesday, Craig spent six hours unbending and straightening pool parts and he has pretty much gotten it back as it should be! I am very proud of him-this was a tough job! We spent the rest of the day shoveling rocks.

On Wednesday, we rented the tractor again and finished moving the rocks where they needed to be and then worked on the frame for the deck. Honestly, if I never have to shovel another rock again, I will be happy! It's hard work!

Today we plan on laying the boards for the deck and, hopefully, we will start working on the railing.

All in all, the job is going great! Obviously, we have had to do some major problem-solving, but that is the essence of life, isn't it? I am looking forward to a hot day when I can lounge on my pool deck with a glass of lemonade, watching my kids splash around in the water while I read a book!

Thank you for all the kind comments and encouragement!