Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday nonsense

Have you ever paid attention to the directions and warnings on the packages of the products you buy? Reading some of these makes me think that consumers lack common sense-or at least manufacturers think they lack it! Here are some silly warnings I found this week:

Bomb Pops: This product, when extremely cold, may stick to warm lips or tongue. Allow to warm slightly before eating.

-Letting a popsicle warm slightly seems to defeat the purpose of eating a frozen, sugary treat! If you are afraid of it sticking to your lips, maybe a glass of Kool-Aid is a better choice for you!

Sure Deodorant: Apply to underarms only.
-I suppose these directions are good for people who buy deodorant for their stinky kneecaps or their sweaty eyelids, but for me, it's unnecessary!

Suave Skin Relief Lotion: Do not use over deep or puncture wounds, infections or lacerations.
-Now, I don't like pain, so if I had some sort of infected sore, applying lotion to my wound wouldn't be on my list of things-to-do!

One of my favorites was on the side of a blow-up kids pool, 4 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet high, it read: No diving, may cause injury.
-No kidding!!!

I would like to think that people were smarter than this!

Does anyone find it amusing (or irritating?) that on BLOGGER Spell-Check the word "blogger" comes up as a misspelled word? Some suggested replacements are: blockier (is this a real word?), blusher, blazer and Bulgaria! How do they come up with these??? I think they should fix this little blunder because it is, after all, a frequently used word for us here in the blogosphere (another misspelling?)!
Just one more thing:

My husband received a credit card application in the mail the other day. While this is almost a daily (at least weekly) occurrence, the expiration date on the card was not. The card was good until the year 3005! That's right, the card was good for 1,000 years! Somehow I think someone is going to get in trouble for that little faux-pas!

Have a great weekend!