Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy birthday!

Today I am wishing for a time machine so I can travel back 17 years to meet the person who made me a mommy for the very first time; I can not believe the time has passed so quickly! You have the distinction of being my "trial run" as a mommy and because of God's incredible grace, you have become a wonderful girl! Only a year and you may move out, go away to college or get a job, but I have the peace of knowing that you love God and He will show you the way, I just hope this year creeps by SLOWLY!!!

***I am going brag a bit about Danika and let everyone know that she is finishing her first year of college today AND she earned straight "A's" AND she is on the president's list! We are VERY proud of her! ( I think she might be blushing right now!)

I love you, sweetie, and have a great day!