Thursday, May 05, 2005

Too much time on their hands!

I found this article on and I thought I would share it because it made me laugh! It goes to show that our lawmakers-right here in Colorado-have too much free time on their hands!

Town's Smoking Ban Affects Absolutely No One

TIMNATH, Colo. (AP) — This small town south of Fort Collins has banned smoking in bars, restaurants and indoor work places — as soon as they get them.

The only bar and restaurant in town, the landmark Colorado Feed & Grain Roadhouse (search), shut down earlier this year after losing its liquor license.

"We talked about doing an education program, but then we realized there really isn't anyone to tell," Mayor Donna Benson said. "But this is more about a vision for the town and setting a course for what we want to become."

The ordinance was approved Tuesday for this town of 223 citizens.

"Now is the time to pass this ordinance before Timnath sees a rush of new businesses," Benson said.

Fort Collins passed an ordinance banning smoking in most public places in 2002. After that law passed, the Feed & Grain got noticeably smokier, Benson said. That was one of the reasons Timnath residents started looking at a smoking ban.

Article by FOX News' Paul Wagenseil

I love the thought that this law is more about a "vision for the town and setting a course for what we want to become"...HA HA HA!

Have a wonderful day!