Monday, May 23, 2005

My caveman

Underneath my husband's modern-man exterior lurks an inner-caveman who occasionally likes to make an appearance. My first encounter with the caveman was when our son was born.

When Micah was a newborn I attempted to dress him in typical little-boy clothes: pale-blue onesies with little trains and teddy bears on the front, but Craig quickly informed me that Micah needed to sport the same clothes that a man would wear: jeans, t-shirts and baseball caps. Now, ten years ago in the days before Old Navy, the store that specializes in mini-man clothes, this look was quite difficult to achieve for a baby boy. Luckily for my caveman, I was able to find two pairs of infant-sized jean shorts that Micah wore almost every day, all summer long.

The next time the caveman showed up was when I was potty training my son. I mean, how was I supposed to know that you teach a boy to pee while standing up? I thought they learned this as they grew older and were able to actually reach over the toilet rim. Boy, was I naive! I won't even share the details about the time I went to Target to buy some panties for Micah! Now, I grew up with one sister so I had no clue that boys, in fact, do NOT wear panties, they wear underwear, skivies or tighty-whities! PERIOD!

The most recent appearance of the caveman came this week when my boys needed haircuts. Normally the receive a buzz-cut from my hubby, but as Micah has grown older, he wants his hair longer, a bit more stylish. (I suppose this stems from his desire to impress the ladies, but he won't admit it!) So, I suggested taking him to see Dee-Dee, the gal who cuts my hair since she told me she would cut the boy's hair for $5.oo, far cheaper than the $17.00 I pay for my haircut. Well, again my caveman schooled me in the ways of the man. Now I know that men don't go to the hairstylist, they go to the barber. This in spite of the fact that you have to wait in line for over an hour AND it costs $12.00 more!

So, this weekend my caveman took our two mini-cavemen to the barber to get their haircut by a man. Oh, wait! I forgot! The barber here in town is a woman named Bobbie! But somehow she is different than Dee-Dee the hairstylist. But dang it if my boys don't seem a bit manlier ever since she cut their hair!