Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My girl

Here is a picture of my daughter shooting the potato gun she recently made; we affectionately call it the "TATER 2000!" It has the ability to shoot potatoes (or sand, water or rocks) about 30 feet in the air.

Danika has always been the type of girl who loves "guy"stuff. While her friends were playing with their dolls, she was climbing trees and splashing in the irrigation water. She is very much her own person and what you see is what you get. I love it!!!

Her goals this summer include floating on a tube down the Arkansas River and climbing Pikes Peak. And because I know her so well, I'll bet she will do it! In a couple of weeks she is going to attend Strategic Intelligence Camp at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. Who knows, maybe she will be an FBI agent someday; our country would certainly be the better for it!

Anyway, back to the potato gun. Here are the directions to build it. Your boys AND your girls will love it!