Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A new look and a new word!

While most women get a new haircut or a new make-up palette for spring, I got a new template! I was just tired of the blue tiles! You know, I could have gone for the new haircut but my hair has remained essentially the same since high school, shoulder length with layers added once in a while. Deep down inside I have always wanted to be one of those gals who always sports the latest hairstyle, but that would make me exciting and on the cutting edge, and, well, I am certainly not that! So as far as daring goes, the new template is my way of livin' large!
And this:
Thanks to HMS Indefatigable, I have a new and usable word! Here it is:

Ballycumber: One of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed.

I love it because now I can call my books something other than "the pile of unread books on my nightstand." Ballycumber sounds so much more fun!

Thanks, Ms. Hornblower!