Friday, June 24, 2005

A fabulous gift idea for the man in your life AND more vacation pics!

My hubby is one of those do-it-yourselfers when it comes to his hair. I am often summoned to the bathroom to help even-out the back of his hair and shave his neck. Luckily for me, he can't see what I am doing and I have learned not to say "Oops" out loud so he is completely unaware of my mistakes, of which there are many! So when I found this website I felt that I must share it with you, my bloggin' girlfriends, because why would I keep a find like this a secret? I think all of our hubbies will be lookin' fine when this comes in the mail: Perfect Sideburns by Prolook.

Happy haircuttin' and happy Friday, girls!
I feel the need to show just a few more vacation pics and then I PROMISE that I will stop!

Emily eating a NYC hotdog. The interesting thing about this picture is she hasn't eaten a hotdog in about 5 years, because she is a vega-chicka-tarian, you know! She just couldn't resist the whole "NYC thing"!

Aubry eating her pretzel-it was bigger than her head!

5th Avenue

On Broadway (is the song running through your head???) I was constantly counting my kids while we walked around-1,2,3,4,5,-1,2,3,4,5-you could easily lose one in NYC!!!