Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mommy eyes

There comes a time in every child's life when they become aware of an essential fact: Mommy eyes can see everything they do, even when they're not in the same room! There have been very few times as a parent that I am wrong about what my intuition tells me. My kids find me irritatingly perceptive. (OK, OK, so I occasionally cross the line from perception to incorrect assumption, but that's fodder for another post!)

Aubry, my three year-old, enjoys switching our lights on and off, a habit we are trying to steer her away from. Yesterday, while she was having some quiet play time in her room, I heard the familiar flick, flick, flick of her light switch. Being the lazy mom that I am, I called from my room, "Aubry, what are you doing?"

"Nothing," she replied, the light switch still clicking.

"Aubry," I inquired, "are you playing with the light switch?"

After a brief pause, Aubry responded in an exasperated tone, "Mommy, can you see me doing this?"

After I quit laughing, I said, "Of course, Honey, I can see everything you do, all the time!"

So now she knows. Like her brothers and sisters, she is aware that God gave mommies eyes that see everything, everywhere, all the time! While kids find this fact irritating, I am thankful on a daily basis for this gift of "mommy eyes"!