Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Road trip!

We're going on a road trip! This Friday, my kids and I are leaving for Pennsylvania to visit my Dad and his wonderful wife. My hubby can't join us until the next weekend, so it's just me and the chicklets for the 27 hour drive! I'm thinking it's gonna be fun! (Positive thinking, you know!)

My mind has been busy thinking of ways to keep everyone busy for such a long stretch of time. Our van lacks such modern conveniences as a TV and a DVD player, so we're stuck with the old-fashioned GameBoy and books-on-tape. The last time we did this, 1 1/2 years ago, my youngest daughter spent the last 4 hours of the trip chewing on her arm, so to avoid losing any appendages, I want to keep these guys busy! Any great ideas?

In preparing for this trip, I have a question for anyone who lives in the New England states: Do you realize how cool it is where you live? Museums of every kind, historical monuments, the beach (do you call it the ocean out there?), the Hershey factory, Ben and Jerry's, the Crayola factory and, of course, those amazing fall colors! If I lived there, I don't think I would ever be at home because of all there is to do!

Being the list-making planner that I am, this week will be spent getting everything ready for our trip. Making sure the animals are taken care of, finding 50+ hours of engaging books-on-tape, and figuring out how I'm going to survive without my hubby for a WHOLE WEEK! <<SIGH>> Lots to do! I wish I could just pick up and go but, of course, I'd spend the whole vacation worrying about what I might have left undone! I think by the time we are prepared to hit the road, I am going to need a vacation from getting ready!