Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My little sister

My sister has a fabulous job. She is the assistant to the president of The C.S. Lewis Foundation. Seriously, she is. Tomorrow she is leaving on a business trip to England for three weeks to attend the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute and, lucky for her, she will have some down time to explore the country. This is her second trip to England, her first being the semester she attended Oxford University. My little sister is a smart gal!

Now, I am not jealous, because I love my life, but if I had to pick an alternate life, I would choose hers. Have fun, Tracy, and be safe! And don't forget to drink a spot of tea on my behalf!

-Here is a funny little story about my sister and I: Early on in my teen years, I became aware of the meaning of my name, Randi. (Yes, that is my given name even though I always wanted to be Miranda.) It means "promiscuous". That is why Prince Andrew (of English royalty fame) is often referred to as "Randy Andy", because he likes the ladies! When people ask for the meaning of my name, I say it means "friendly", I just don't say how friendly or with whom!

Well,when my sister, Tracy, was getting ready to leave for England to attend college a couple of years ago, she met a guy from England who advised her to use her middle name, Anne, while she was there. Why? Because her name, Tracy, was a common reference to someone who was, believe it or not, promiscuous. Now, I think that my parents gave us these names without the knowledge of their meanings and, in fact, my dad might be reading this right know and he is either shocked or he is laughing out loud, and knowing my dad, it is the latter of the two!

The moral of the story is this: When you are awaiting the arrival of a new little one, buy one of those baby name books that they sell by the magazine racks in Walmart, it will save your kids a whole bunch of headaches in their future!