Monday, July 18, 2005

Our weekend

We spent this weekend camping and the weather was great, my hubby did some fishing, we built boats and raced them down the river, and we relaxed (well, as much relaxing as you can do while camping with kids!)

I took some time to sit by the river and I noticed a baby robin sitting in a tree waiting for it's mother. It was awesome to watch the mother come every few minutes with berries or a worm for her little one. As I was sitting there I noticed birds calling to each other, fish jumping out of the river, wind whispering through the trees and I saw tiny purple flowers no bigger than a pinhead. All of it peaceful and beautiful and all of it so easy to miss if I hadn't taken the time!

Before we left, I had given each of the boys a list of items and I let them pack their own clothes. Little did I know that Aubry had decided to pack her own bag as well. Here is what she considered essential for two nights and three days in the wild:

6 sundresses, 7 panties, 2 pairs of sturdy shoes, 1 pair of lavender flip-flops, 1 pair of Hello Kitty slippers, a Disney Princess brush and mirror set, 2 purses, a toy spatula, a pink flashlight and 3 pairs of socks. That's my girl! She knows that lookin' good is the key to a successful camping trip!

On Saturday, we noticed four people rock-climbing up the face of a huge mountain. Here are some pics:

There is one lady at the top and one is scaling the rock.

The two ladies climbing are on the top of the mountain that my boys are looking at (the boys are in the bottom edge of the picture). A million dollars wouldn't persuade me to do that but it was awesome to witness their climb to the top!

We definitely had a nice weekend, I wish we could have stayed a couple more days, but my hubby needs to work and bring home a paycheck, so until next time.....
And this:
My VERY wonderful friend, Sarah, who recently left me behind in Colorado to move to Hawaii, has started a blog. Please visit her and say "Aloha"!