Friday, September 23, 2005

Ballroom dancing

Tonight my hubby and I will attend our very first ballroom dance class. Yessiree, we are gonna' learn to dance together if it kills us!

There was a reason we didn't dance at our wedding: He can dance, I can't. Believe me, my guy has the moves; he was born with a bit of the boogie. Quite often, he switches our radio to the disco station and he (and my boys and Aubry) set it free on the living room floor. This usually has me doubled-over laughing while my girls, red-faced, roll their eyes at daddy's exuberant moves.

I, on the other hand, dance like a stick-figure. My favorite episode of Seinfeld features Elaine dancing "like a dry-heave" as her friends so lovingly describe her. Unfortunately, that's me, the dry-heave of dance. My ears find the rythym but my body has no clue how to move with it!

So, off we go tonight. Spending time together with my man and seeking to add "ballroom dancing to my list of skills. I may step on a few of my hubby's toes tonight but something tells me we are gonna' have some fun!

Have a happy weekend!